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  • D. McKinley

    The staff was extremely knowledgeable regarding my injury, patient and understanding. They made time to know me and my situation regarding my injury. They made sure I received the equipment I needed to return to work. I would highly recommend this office to anyone that may need their services. Thank you all so much.

  • P. McCullough

    Excellent staff they listen to what's on your mind, they care about your feelings. They are lifesavers in my case my high blood pressure was 240/118. Mayra me to go to the ER and I did, otherwise I would have a stroke. I hope to come back when I get this new Dr. so I can continue to get well.

  • V. Macht

    The staff was always attentive and accommodated my needs. The therapists were very knowledgeable and I was able to improve significantly the movement of my wrist. I enjoyed coming to therapy each time.

  • S. Alston

    My experience here at California Hand and Physical Therapy was exceptional. The therapists and staff were excellent and very helpful and friendly. They really helped me out. I want to say thank you to you who made my experience here a pleasant one. Again, thank you!

  • C. Dela Paz

    Wonderful and awesome staff, everybody's very welcoming and helpful. Thank you for making my visit very pleasant.

  • R. Escobar

    California Hand and Physical Therapy have a great staff. Enjoyed coming in, would come in with pain and leave without any after, greatly appreciated.

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We at California Hand and Physical Therapy are committed to motivate and invest in the overall well-being of those in our care. We aspire to educate you in living a healthy, pain-free life through a personalized therapy experience.

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