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Jul 26, 2022
"This is and e-rehab test"
Jun 24, 2019


Wow, where would I start? What would I say regarding the amazing staff at this office and my experience with them? You can probably guess I have nothing but great things to say. The staff was extremely knowledgeable regarding my injury, patient and understanding. They made time to know me and my situation regarding my injury. They made sure I received the equipment I needed to return to work. I would highly recommend this office to anyone that may need their services. Thank you all so much.

D. McKinley

Excellent staff they listen to what's on your mind, they care about your feelings. They are lifesavers in my case my high blood pressure was 240/118. Mayra me to go to the ER and I did, otherwise I would have a stroke. I hope to come back when I get this new Dr. so I can continue to get well.

- P. McCullough

The staff was always attentive and accommodated my needs. The therapists were very knowledgeable and I was able to improve significantly the movement of my wrist. I enjoyed coming to therapy each time.

- V. Macht

My experience here at California Hand and Physical Therapy was exceptional. The therapists and staff were excellent and very helpful and friendly. They really helped me out. I want to say thank you to you who made my experience here a pleasant one. Again, thank you!

- S. Alston

Wonderful and awesome staff, everybody's very welcoming and helpful. Thank you for making my visit very pleasant.

- C. Dela Paz

California Hand and Physical Therapy have a great staff. Enjoyed coming in, would come in with pain and leave without any after, greatly appreciated.

- R. Escobar

I was prescribed to physical therapy for my right elbow and right shoulder by Dr. Montgomery. My PT sessions at CHPT have done wonders for my overall well being of my injury and greatly improved my flexibility as well as relieved the pain. The staff was very professional throughout my visits and I thank Mayra for getting me back to top form.

- A. Silva

I appreciate the opportunity to thank all of you at California Hand and Physical Therapy the care you provide is excellent. I am very happy with the service, front desk is wonderful; same as back, very professional, respectful and good guidance. In conclusion you are a great team.

- S. Huante

I couldn't say anything but positive things about the staff here. From my first visit and every visit in between I was greeted with smiling warm faces and feel like part of your family here. Everyone who has cared fro me is always professional but not so much to feel stiff. Thank you so much for the care you have provided.

- C. Allodoli

During my visit I felt very welcomed as if I was in my own home. Everyone was extremely nice and courteous to my well being. I also met many people that helped changed the structure of my body, and I am very thankful for that. I would most definitely recommend California Hand and Physical Therapy to all my friends and family members who also have problems.

- L. Villegas

I experienced the upmost quality of care and respect at your facility and I only wished it could be longer. Thank you for your expertise.

- S. Wallet

I am a new person physically with all the great help received in educating me on a plan for strengthening. I loved the results of the deep tissue massage. I would definitely recommend your facility.

- M. Mendez