About Us

California Hand and PT specializes in hand therapy. What differentiates our practice from the nearby hand clinics is our approach of looking at the whole body and how the hand relates to the active body. Nearby clinics treat the upper extremity with focus on the hand only. At CHPT we view the entire body, therefore injuries are treated thoroughly, allowing our patients to return to work, play, and fun faster. We also provide general physical therapy and because of that many of our hand patients receive additional quality care. The general public is unaware that many hand injuries affect the entire body. When our patients are evaluated, we inquire of their routine exercise program, interest, and hobbies. This enables the therapy team to develop a personalized treatment regimen that will assist our patient to a quicker recovery. At the initial visit each patient is started on a personalized home exercise program or given pain management advise. Our aim is to educate them about their injury so they can assist in their recovery immediately.

Our Mission statement is “We the staff at CHPT is committed to motivate and invest in the overall well being of those in our care. We aspire to educate you in living a healthy, pain free life through a personalized therapy experience.” We want consumers to feel that we care about them on personal level. We also want the patients to feel comfortable in the clinic so we have the office decorated in a more home look.

CHPT provides healing to the whole body not just an extremity, therefore our tag line is:
We have hands that heal the body.